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GMAT Math Review ($15)

The Quantitative Section is easy for most students. However, to get perfect score is not as easy as you originally think. The objective of our GMAT Math Review is to help you obtain PERFECT score (99th) on the math section. We are very proud of the results that 96% of our customers got perfect score on Math Section.

Some features of our math course include:

  • Includes the basic math concepts and a comprehensive review of Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry. A specific math book is not necessary for a more detailed discussion.

  • Examples of question in each difficult level. You will develop a great understanding of how a difficult question can be.

  • Covers easy-to-use strategies to tackle the trick questions in Data Sufficiency.

  • Addresses Permutation, Probability, Standard Deviation and other higher-level topics. You won't feel lost on the test day.

  • Special chapter on Word Problem. Word is no longer a problem for you.

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

Introduction to GMAT Math Section

Chapter 1: Arithmetic

1. Integers & Number Theory

2. Fractions

3. Decimals

4. Percent

5. Ratio and Proportion

6. Exponents & Roots

7. Sets

8. Permutation and Combination

9. Sequences

10. Probability

11. Standard Deviation

Chapter 2: Algebra

1. Simple Equation

2. Simultaneous Equations

3. Quadratic Equation

4. Defined Functions

5. Inequalities

6. Factoring

Chapter 3: Geometry

1. Lines and Angles

2. Triangles

3. Quadrilaterals

4. Circles

5. Solids

6. Coordinate Geometry

Chapter 4: Word Problem

1. Interest, Discount and Profit

2. Rate & Time

3. Work

4. Averages and Medians

5. Mixture

6. Age Problem

7. Doubling

8. Sales Commission

9. Decision Tree

10. Data Interpretation

Chapter 5: Data Sufficiency

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After a 5-minute break, you are assigned to the Quantitative section, which consists of 37 multiple-choice questions. About two-thirds of them are problem-solving questions. A sample problem-solving question looks like this:

Example: If m is an odd integer, which one of the following is an even integer?






The other one-thirds is the Data Sufficiency question. Unlike the problem-solving questions, the data sufficiency doesn’t require you to work out a solution to the presented question. Instead, it expects you to determine whether one or two conditions are sufficient to solve the presented questions.

The GMAT math section doesn’t test your specific knowledge in mathematics. Rather, it tests your problem solving ability. Therefore, calculus or another advanced math topic is never covered on GMAT math. The high school math knowledge is sufficient to answer a typical GMAT math question. Picking up the correct answer, however, is not as easy as its knowledge base. As we said, only the basic math concepts are chosen so that everyone taking GMAT is put on a fair arena. To make the test effective, the test writer should design questions that some answers correctly while other answers incorrectly. The best solution is to create complex questions or questions with numerous tricks.

How to use GMAT Math Review

We divide this course into five chapters, the first three of which are the comprehensive review of basic math concepts, including arithmetic, algebra, and geometry, the fourth is exclusively to draw on the difficult word problems, and the final is to cover the other part of the quantitative section--data sufficiency. Even you do not meet any problem in the math concepts, we encourage you to pay attention to the example questions in each section, since each example represents the most common question you will encounter in the real test.


General Math Strategies: Substitution

Substitution, also known as plug-in, is one of the most effective strategies for solving complicated math questions. It is a method in which we plug numbers that fit the question’s parameters into the answer choices, and then determine which one is the best answer. In most cases, you have to plug in two different numbers before you eliminate four choices.

The substitution method is also very helpful for double checking your answers. Since you have nearly two minutes for each question, you won’t have sufficient time to do formal formula or calculating. The plug-in is a perfect solution. The numbers you choose for substitution should have the properties given in the problems. For example, if the question asks for an even integer, you should insert integer, and even integer.

Example: If m is an odd integer, which one of the following is an even integer?







 is an odd integer, so we choose an odd integer for m, say 3, and plug it into each answer choice.

Choice A: , which is an odd integer, therefore, A is incorrect.

Choice B: . 1.5 is not an integer, let alone even integer.

Choice C: , which is not an even integer, either.

Choice D: , which is an odd integer. Eliminate this choice.

Choice E: . 12 is an even integer. E is correct.

Therefore, the correct answer is E. 

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