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SUNY-Binghamton School of Management

Ranking: SUNY--Binghamton

Top Business Schools  
Peer assessment score (5.0 highest) N/A
Acceptance rate (full-time) N/A
Recruiter assessment score (5.0 highest) N/A
Average starting salary and bonus (full-time) N/A
Average undergraduate GPA (full-time) 3.35
Average GMAT score (full-time) 614
Sample GMAT Practice Test (FREE)  
Graduates employed at graduation (full-time) N/A
Graduates employed three months after graduation (full-time) N/A
Total graduate business enrollment (full-time) 80

SUNY-Binghamton School of Management

Tuition and Financial Aid: SUNY--Binghamton

Financial Aid Contact Information  
Financial aid director Dennis Chavez
Financial aid phone (607) 777-2470
Financial Aid Availability  
Is college-funded aid (fellowships, assistantships, grants, or scholarships) available? Yes
Fellowships available 1
Teaching assistantships available 8
Research assistantships available 12
Are international students eligible for college-funded aid? Yes
2008-2009 Expenses  
Tuition In-state, full-time: $7,100 per year, part-time: $296 per credit; Out-of-state, full-time: $11,340 per year, part-time: $473 per credit
Required fees $1,131 per year
Room and board, books, and miscellaneous expenses $11,500
Average indebtedness of 2008 graduating class $23,500

MBA Career and Salary Statistics: SUNY--Binghamton

School has submitted its most recent career data in accordance with the MBA Career Services Council Standards for Reporting MBA Employment Statistics and has granted permission to the Graduate Management Admission Council to send an independent third party to review for accuracy and compliance.

Class of 2008  
Total full-time graduates 57
Total full-time graduates known to be seeking employment 28
Sample GMAT Practice Test (FREE)  
Graduates employed at graduation (full-time) N/A
Graduates employed three months after graduation (full-time) N/A
Total Base Salary  
Total reporting base salary 11
Low base salary $45,000
Average base salary $54,818
High base salary $64,000
Base Salary: U.S. Citizens  
Low base salary: U.S. citizens $45,000
Average base salary: U.S. citizens $54,557
High base salary: U.S citizen $64,000
Base Salary: Foreign Nationals  
Low base salary: Foreign nationals $50,000
Average base salary: Foreign nationals $56,000
High base salary: Foreign nationals $62,000
Total Signing Bonus  
Total reporting signing bonus 3
Low signing bonus $2,000
Average signing bonus $2,667
High signing bonus $3,500
Signing Bonus: U.S. Citizens  
Low signing bonus: U.S. citizens $2,000
Average signing bonus: U.S. citizens $2,667
High signing bonus: U.S. citizens $3,500
Signing Bonus: Foreign Nationals  
Low signing bonus: Foreign nationals $0
Average signing bonus: Foreign nationals $0
High signing bonus: Foreign nationals $0
Total Other Compensation  
Total reporting other compensation 0
Low other compensation $0
Average other compensation $0
High other compensation $0
Other Compensation: U.S. Citizens  
Low other compensation: U.S. citizens $0
Average other compensation: U.S. citizens $0
High other compensation: U.S. citizens $0
Other Compensation: Foreign Nationals  
Low other compensation: Foreign nationals $0
Average other compensation: Foreign nationals $0
High other compensation: Foreign nationals $0
Base Salary by Occupation  
Numbers for employment by occupation are based on those graduates who reported base salary information by three months after graduation.
Number reporting marketing / sales jobs 1
marketing / sales low salary $50,000
marketing / sales average salary $50,000
marketing / sales high salary $50,000
Number reporting Operations / production jobs 2
Operations / production low salary $45,000
Operations / production average salary $47,500
Operations / production high salary $50,000
Number reporting general management jobs 0
General management low salary $0
General management average salary $0
General management high salary $0
Number reporting finance / accounting jobs 4
Finance low salary $50,000
Finance average salary $56,000
Finance high salary $62,000
Number reporting management information systems jobs 1
Management information systems (MIS) low salary $64,000
Management information systems (MIS) average salary $64,000
Management information systems (MIS) high salary $64,000
Number reporting consulting jobs 1
Consulting low salary $55,000
Consulting average salary $55,000
Consulting high salary $55,000
Number reporting human resources jobs 0
Human resources low salary $0
Human resources average salary $0
Human resources high salary $0
Number reporting having jobs in other areas 2
Other occupations low salary $57,000
Other occupations average salary $57,500
Other occupations high salary $58,000
Base Salary by Industry  
Numbers for employment by industry are based on those graduates who reported base salary information by three months after graduation.
Number reporting manufacturing industry jobs 1
Manufacturing industry low salary $58,000
Manufacturing industry average salary $58,000
Manufacturing industry high salary $58,000
Number reporting service industry jobs N/A
Service industry low salary N/A
Service industry average salary N/A
Service industry high salary N/A
Number reporting non-profit jobs 1
Non-profit low salary $50,000
Non-profit average salary $50,000
Non-profit high salary $50,000
Number reporting government jobs 0
Government low salary $0
Government average salary $0
Government high salary $0
Base Salary by Geographic Region  
Numbers for employment by location are based on those graduates who reported base salary information by three months after graduation.
Number reporting jobs in the Northeast (CT, MA, ME NH, NJ, NY, RI, VT) 10
Northeast low salary $45,000
Northeast average salary $55,300
Northeast high salary $64,000
Number reporting jobs in the Middle Atlantic (DC, DE, MD, PA, VA, WV) 0
Middle Atlantic low salary $0
Middle Atlantic average salary $0
Middle Atlantic high salary $0
Number reporting jobs in the South (AL, AR, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN) 0
South low salary $0
South average salary $0
South high salary $0
Number reporting jobs in the Midwest (IA, IL, IN, KS, MI, MN, MO, ND, NE, OH, SD, WI) 0
Midwest low salary $0
Midwest average salary $0
Midwest high salary $0
Number reporting jobs in the Southwest (AZ, CO, NM, OK, TX) 0
Southwest low salary $0
Southwest average salary $0
Southwest high salary $0
Number reporting jobs in the West (AK, CA, HI, ID,MT, NV, OR, UT, WA, WY) 0
West low salary $0
West average salary $0
West high salary $0
Number reporting jobs located internationally 1
International low salary $50,000
International average salary $50,000
International high salary $50,000

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