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New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Business

The Stern School of Business at New York University is very much a product of its setting. Located just a couple of miles north of Wall Street, Stern boasts the connections and the access to industry heavyweights to sustain a great finance program. Because New York is also America's most international city, Stern has the capacity to focus its curriculum on world business issues. And, because the city is home to so many your executives looking for a leg up, NYU is also home to one of the nation's top-ranked part-time MBA programs.
First year at Stern is devoted almost entirely to core curriculum (this sequence takes two years for most part-timers). Those who cannot demonstrate proficiency in writing, analytical methods, economics, or calculus must being their tenure at Stern with noncredit courses in those subjects. All students take the Stern Pre-Term, a noncredit "series of exercises, seminars, and other experiences that provide a focused first exposure to the Stern MBA program." They then proceed to a series of required core courses and "menu" core courses (students chose three such courses from a menu of four). Students report that "First year is much more difficult than second year" and happily report that "Stern makes an effort to have core courses taught by senior faculty, which really enhances that first-year learning experience." Second-year students must select a major area requiring twelve hours of course credit; students give glowing reviews to study in finance, marketing, international business, and media studies.

According to our survey, "Most of the professors are good. There are a few great ones and some bad ones. Professors are well tuned to what's going on currently and apply it to the topics of the day. Many are consultants to well-known companies." Students also tell us that "The administration has become much more responsive to student input. Many recent and proposed changes to faculty, facilities, and coursework are very positive" and that "Overall, things run quite smoothly at Stern, including registration, scheduling of events and career resources." On the downside, students complain that the school needs to "main a better balance between full-time and part-time student life." Observed one MBA, "There is a lack of participation in team-building and school spirit of community." Full-time students also complain that "too many classes are given at night to accommodate the schedules of part-timers."

Ranking: New York University (Stern)

Top Business Schools  
Score 83
Peer assessment score (5.0 highest) 4.3
Acceptance rate (full-time) 13.6%
Recruiter assessment score (5.0 highest) 3.9
Average starting salary and bonus (full-time) $128,968
Average undergraduate GPA (full-time) 3.43
Average GMAT score (full-time) 708
Sample GMAT Practice Test (FREE)  
Graduates employed at graduation (full-time) 82.0%
Graduates employed three months after graduation (full-time) 91.7%
Total graduate business enrollment (full-time) 841

New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Business

Tuition and Financial Aid: New York University (Stern)

Financial Aid Contact Information  
Financial aid director Paula Steisel Goldfarb
Financial aid phone (212) 998-0790
Financial Aid Availability  
Is college-funded aid (fellowships, assistantships, grants, or scholarships) available? Yes
Fellowships available 354
Teaching assistantships available 734
Research assistantships available N/A
Are international students eligible for college-funded aid? Yes
2008-2009 Expenses  
Tuition Full-time: $41,800 per year, part-time: $1,470 per credit
Required fees $2,142 per year
Room and board, books, and miscellaneous expenses $30,382
Average indebtedness of 2008 graduating class $71,532

MBA Career and Salary Statistics: New York University (Stern)

School has submitted its most recent career data in accordance with the MBA Career Services Council Standards for Reporting MBA Employment Statistics and has granted permission to the Graduate Management Admission Council to send an independent third party to review for accuracy and compliance.

Class of 2008  
Total full-time graduates 394
Total full-time graduates known to be seeking employment 362
Sample GMAT Practice Test (FREE)  
Graduates employed at graduation (full-time) 82.0%
Graduates employed three months after graduation (full-time) 91.7%
Total Base Salary  
Total reporting base salary 309
Low base salary $55,000
Average base salary $100,857
High base salary $185,000
Base Salary: U.S. Citizens  
Low base salary: U.S. citizens $55,000
Average base salary: U.S. citizens $100,577
High base salary: U.S citizen $185,000
Base Salary: Foreign Nationals  
Low base salary: Foreign nationals $70,000
Average base salary: Foreign nationals $101,673
High base salary: Foreign nationals $175,000
Total Signing Bonus  
Total reporting signing bonus 265
Low signing bonus $2,000
Average signing bonus $32,779
High signing bonus $72,894
Signing Bonus: U.S. Citizens  
Low signing bonus: U.S. citizens $2,000
Average signing bonus: U.S. citizens $31,010
High signing bonus: U.S. citizens $72,894
Signing Bonus: Foreign Nationals  
Low signing bonus: Foreign nationals $10,000
Average signing bonus: Foreign nationals $38,111
High signing bonus: Foreign nationals $62,500
Total Other Compensation  
Total reporting other compensation 16
Low other compensation $15,000
Average other compensation $36,025
High other compensation $90,000
Other Compensation: U.S. Citizens  
Low other compensation: U.S. citizens $15,000
Average other compensation: U.S. citizens $32,416
High other compensation: U.S. citizens $75,000
Other Compensation: Foreign Nationals  
Low other compensation: Foreign nationals $20,000
Average other compensation: Foreign nationals $51,667
High other compensation: Foreign nationals $90,000
Base Salary by Occupation  
Numbers for employment by occupation are based on those graduates who reported base salary information by three months after graduation.
Number reporting marketing / sales jobs 63
marketing / sales low salary $75,000
marketing / sales average salary $96,317
marketing / sales high salary $185,000
Number reporting Operations / production jobs 5
Operations / production low salary $70,000
Operations / production average salary $93,000
Operations / production high salary $110,000
Number reporting general management jobs 14
General management low salary $55,000
General management average salary $103,392
General management high salary $135,000
Number reporting finance / accounting jobs 181
Finance low salary $70,000
Finance average salary $98,065
Finance high salary $160,000
Number reporting management information systems jobs 1
Management information systems (MIS) low salary N/A
Management information systems (MIS) average salary N/A
Management information systems (MIS) high salary N/A
Number reporting consulting jobs 41
Consulting low salary $80,000
Consulting average salary $116,990
Consulting high salary $145,000
Number reporting human resources jobs 1
Human resources low salary N/A
Human resources average salary N/A
Human resources high salary N/A
Number reporting having jobs in other areas 2
Other occupations low salary N/A
Other occupations average salary N/A
Other occupations high salary N/A
Base Salary by Industry  
Numbers for employment by industry are based on those graduates who reported base salary information by three months after graduation.
Number reporting manufacturing industry jobs 3
Manufacturing industry low salary $87,000
Manufacturing industry average salary $100,667
Manufacturing industry high salary $125,000
Number reporting service industry jobs N/A
Service industry low salary N/A
Service industry average salary N/A
Service industry high salary N/A
Number reporting non-profit jobs 2
Non-profit low salary N/A
Non-profit average salary N/A
Non-profit high salary N/A
Number reporting government jobs 1
Government low salary N/A
Government average salary N/A
Government high salary N/A
Base Salary by Geographic Region  
Numbers for employment by location are based on those graduates who reported base salary information by three months after graduation.
Number reporting jobs in the Northeast (CT, MA, ME NH, NJ, NY, RI, VT) 223
Northeast low salary $70,000
Northeast average salary $99,780
Northeast high salary $185,000
Number reporting jobs in the Middle Atlantic (DC, DE, MD, PA, VA, WV) 8
Middle Atlantic low salary $80,000
Middle Atlantic average salary $101,500
Middle Atlantic high salary $135,000
Number reporting jobs in the South (AL, AR, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN) 5
South low salary $82,000
South average salary $107,400
South high salary $160,000
Number reporting jobs in the Midwest (IA, IL, IN, KS, MI, MN, MO, ND, NE, OH, SD, WI) 3
Midwest low salary $90,000
Midwest average salary $93,333
Midwest high salary $95,000
Number reporting jobs in the Southwest (AZ, CO, NM, OK, TX) 1
Southwest low salary N/A
Southwest average salary N/A
Southwest high salary N/A
Number reporting jobs in the West (AK, CA, HI, ID,MT, NV, OR, UT, WA, WY) 23
West low salary $75,000
West average salary $103,174
West high salary $125,000
Number reporting jobs located internationally 46
International low salary $55,000
International average salary $104,926
International high salary $175,000

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